Dance Academy



Recital 2017 - 2018.

Dance Out 2018 - 4th yr Anniversary event @ Kamarajar Arangam on 4th March, 2018.

"3 successful shows in 3 straight years with over 300 dancers!", made us realize that we are headed right in our journey towards our dream. Our 4th year was so eventful and our Anniversary event marked it. 108 dancers dominated with their creative presentation and the show unfolded beautifully. More than 1300 people witnessed the spectacular evening where our dancers performed Bharatanatyam, Belly Dance, Jazz, Hip Hop (Street style, Old school & Lyrical) & Bollywood. The eventful show gave us a great confidence to step into our 5th year. 



Recital 2016 - 2017

After an eventful 2nd year we wanted to showcase our work in a grand stage. It did happen. Dance Out 2017 @ The Music Academy on 24th February, 2017. 

Music Academy - A stage shared by many legends and we were proud to create that platform for our dancers. 103 dancers performed and the dancers rocked the evening and the viewers were spellbound. The dancers presented to foot tapping numbers for international dance styles like Salsa, Semi Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop along with our own rich cultural Bharatanatyam. It was a mega gala. The presence of the Film director, Mrs. Nandhini.J.S, & Cinematographer Mr. Vijay Armstrong made it more special !!!




Musical Video Shoot with eminent Director Mrs. Nandhini JS. (Director of the movie Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru)

The studio had a dream run in the year 2016. We heard that some of the big names in the film fraternity are teaming up to shoot a musical video voicing out against the social evils that the children are facing. So we shared our works with film director Nandhini.J.S. mam to see if we could get a chance to choreograph for the musical video and join hands with them to work on this social cause. They did like our performances. And in a jiffy we arrived at sets of -  the legendary filmaker -  Mr. Balu Mahendra Sir's -  film Institute to shoot the video. To work with Nandhini mam is a gift. She is a well known writer and film maker for bold scripts. We learnt so much while working on the film sets. Her movie "Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru" did tell us that we are in the best hands on our first opportunity. Thejasvi, Harish, Michael, Advait, Ananya, Sahaana, Eswar, Narasimman were the kids who worked on that project and had an amazing experience in the film unit. The project would be released in a few days across various states in India. A experience that we would treasure for life. 




Prabhudeva Master !!!!!

An inspiration for dancers across countries. For dancers of any age meeting him would itself be a dream. Whereas meeting him and Dancing in front of him - is a joy that cannot be expressed over words.

Our studio Kids got one such opportunity to perform before him and it's definitely a moment to treasure for life.

Thejasvi, Michael, Harish, Suyash, Narasimman & Eswar are the kids who brought that honour to our studio.

The Kids performed before the dancing legend "Prabhudeva" master for the song 'Chalmar'. He was very excited to see young kids deliver such a power packed performance and appreciated them, which was a great motivation to them. A dream come true for our beloved Sagar master to make his students perform before the idol that he looks upon. A proud moment to cherish forever!!!!




Madras Music College (Tamil Isai Sangam)


Madras Music College & Tamil Isai Sangam - Familiar names for many around here. It's an institution that is functioning to retain the regional art and the identity of our culture. There is a huge history for this Tamil Isai Sangam. They conduct an annual show to perform the regional art forms before the dignified guests. Right from Thiru Kamarajar,  all the Chief Ministers have felicitated this yearly festival. To perform in Madras Music College for Tamil Isai Sangam will be an aspiration for many classical dancers and our dancers were no exception to it. We were invited from the Tamil Isai sangam to perform before the performance and the dignitaries were happy to see her perform with such grace and we justified our invite among such big names in this industry. Gowri Shankari performed it with so much flare and she was so elegant. It was a treat to watch. Thank you again to "Tamil Isai Sangam" for having us there. A real honour and it was a wonderful moment to cherish. 





Salangai Pooja 2016

It marks the beginning of a dancers journey. Our studio's first classical batch is close to our heart. They were trained hard for this moment. We had a great joy in celebrating our students "Salangai Pooja" event on 5th March 2016 @ "Rani Seethai Hall", (Teynampet, Chennai).

Kavini, Surabhi, Mridula, Harsheni, Preethikgha and Sriniti, the 6 young eminent dancers of our studio rocked the stage and delivered a mesmerizing performance.

We had a packed house to encourage the amazing talents and brought in great joy to them. It was a spectacular show. They had set a great benchmark to the forthcoming batches. It was indeed a memorable event. 



Recital 2015 - 2016

After the first successful year we wanted to celebrate our 2nd year Anniversary performance (for the year 2015 - 2016) in a bigger stage in front of a larger audience and we did it. We performed @ the grand venue. Dance Out 2016"Kamarajar Arangam" on 22nd February 2016. 96 dancers rocked the stage and was a stunning display of creative movements which brought in great appreciation to the studio among the entertainment industry. This show brought in more commercial shows for the dancers performed and they started working with big names from the film fraternity.



Recital 2014 - 2015

Our studios 1st year Anniversary performance for the year 2014 - 2015 "Dance Out 2015" was performed @ Cultural Academy Chromepet on 27th February, 2015. More than 85 dancers performed in the show and was a visual treat to all those who gathered there to support them and to be part of our successful journey. This expanded the horizons of the studio and brought in more confidence to the young buds who have now transformed into great dancers and started performing commercial shows.